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Dental PLR PacksDental PLR Pack $5


This PLR Pack contains 5 articles written with teeth in mind.  Dental heath is important and knowing how to care for your teeth is also important so I’ve written several articles that can provide some great blog information on a variety of subjects dealing with your mouth and teeth.

1- How to fix bad breath – 605 words

2- How to treat Periodontal Gum Disease – 716 words

3- Teeth Straightening – 585 words

4- Invisalign Teeth Straightening – 548 words

5- Teeth Whitening Options- 530 words


Dental PLR $5.00

PLR Dental Pack 1

Juicing PLR


Juicing PLR Articles

Juicing PLR Articles

5 articles that explore the interesting information related to juicing to include an article about juice machines, the health benefits and how juicing for life can help increase your health. The world is filled with diets and health options and these articles give you a great way to blend them together.


The Diet Niche and the Health Niche


These are two great options for this Juicing PLR Pack.   With this PLR Pack you can create great content and increase the usefulness of your blog or website.  Use the  Juicing PLR to add to current posts or re-create them in smaller bits for your auto-responders and provide unique content.


1) Juicing Machines – discusses the 3 major types of juicers and how they differ. – 555 words


2) Juicing for Life – Adding juicing to your life and what effects juicing can have on your health. – 464 words


3) Juicing Vegetables – The benefits of juicing vegetables vs fruits is a great way to introduce the options available and which products are best.- 463 words


4) Benefits of Juicing – Health benefits of juicing and the dangers of juicing certain types of vegetables with specific health problems such as thyroid disease. – 540 words


5) Wheatgrass, Kale and Green Juice, a closer look as some of the main ingredients found in many juicing recipes. – 592 words

Juicing PLR Pack 1

Pregnancy PLR Pack $5.00


This pack contains 5 unique articles dealing with some of the problems faced during pregnancy.  Each article contains general information about each condition, information about the symptoms and basic treatment options.  The article lengths are all over 500 words and contain keywords for improved SEO searches.

1- Caffeine and Pregnancy  - 517 words

2- Ectopic Pregnancy – 575 words

3- Postpartum Depression – 568 words

4- Preeclampsia in Pregnancy – 597 words

5- Spotting during Pregnancy – 566 words


Each article is provided in txt format so that you may configure and rework to meet your needs. **NOTE at this time any purchase will be filled via email so it may take a few hours depending on your location. Please be patient and understand I will get your purchase to you as soon as possible. Thank You!


Pregnancy PLR Pack $5.00

Pregnancy PLR Pack 1

Green Cleaning Tips Blog Posts PLR > Living GreenGreen Cleaning PLR

$5.00 for 7 PLR posts word counts between 324 and 453 containing great ideas for cleaning and keeping out pests.  That is less than a dollar for each post.


Green Cleaning or Green Living is an evergreen niche and finding safer and more economical ways of cleaning is an important part of providing information to your readers. These 7 articles can be adjusted to add in your own Green Cleaning Products and affiliate links.  Great for autoblog posts or autoresponder series.


All PLR Content is new and unique – I’ve written these articles using several sources of reference materials to ensure the information is true and correct.


Green Your Clean for Cheap – 368 words – Clean, non-toxic and eco friendly cleaning ideas that save money as well.

Cleaning Green with Baking Soda – 385 words- The many uses of Baking soda.

Cleaning with Vinegar – 453 words – Various uses for vinegar in your kitchen and bath.

Cleaning floors the Green Way – 357 words – Using microfiber mops and the health advantages.

Microfiber Cloth – 353 words -  Great post to add in affiliate links.  The advantages of microfiber vs other cloths and how it keeps your home clean.

Green Pine Cleaner - 341 words – Like the smell of Pine?  This PLR blog post talks about an eco-friendly green solution to pine cleaners.

Keeping out Pests the Green Way – 324 words – A small but informative post with various Green solutions to roaches, ants, aphids and more.



All these Posts can be expanded upon to provide other content or can be perfect for an auto-responder series and it’s a great way to get unique content for your blog.Add to cart 7 posts for  $5


Green Cleaning Tips Blog Post PLR Bonus

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